The PUL Logo

We had MANY fantastic submissions for our logo design contest from talented graphic designers from all over the country who are excited about the womxn’s professional movement! Thank you to everyone who submitted a design and volunteered your time and talents. Here’s a little back story about the winning design and the designer of the league logo, in his own words - Baylor Watts!

You can find more of his work at and on instagram @baylorwatts

"The Premier Ultimate Logo is a crest. A disc flies toward the top of the crest to emphasize the growth of professional ultimate. A star rests above; the tried-and-true representative of the word “premier.” These elements create a simple, symmetrical, and highly adaptable logo. Its negative spaces can be given colors and worn on the sleeves of the PUL teams, and even when displayed in one color, the logo - especially when paired with the PUL's text logo - is stable, simple, and memorable."