"Sponsor a Player" Program Raises $120,000


The Sponsor-a-Player promotion is officially sold out! That’s 800 sponsorships at $150 each for 200 players. Amazing! In the words of the program and league sponsor, VC Ultimate:

"After 20 years in ultimate, we've never seen anything like this. The Premier Ultimate League has raised $120,000 in less than a week through the Player Sponsorship Program and the program is FULLY SOLD! This is a movement. Individual community members telling the world that womxn's ultimate matters and that they want to see it played at the highest levels. Thank you to all of the player sponsors - you are helping change the landscape of sport. Thank you to the players, teams and PUL for knowing that the time is now and for being willing to put in the work so that we can all cheer you on - so that young fans can look at PUL players and have a much more inclusive view of who a "professional ultimate player" is. Congrats to every person that helped promote this fundraising drive, either with dollars or your voice - you matter... this matters... Let's do it!"

Watch the video below to see how the program worked. Sponsored by VC Ultimate!

Tim Kepner