Week 9 Playoff Picture

Week 9 Playoff Picture: What’s On The Line In the Final Week of the Regular Season?

by the PUL League Office

With only two games left in the regular season (Columbus at Indianapolis and Austin at Raleigh), the playoff picture is almost set. . . but not quite in stone!

Four teams will advance to the semi-finals and finals at Championship Weekend, to be held in Atlanta, GA on Friday and Saturday June 28-29, 2019. Because the season is only 5 games long for each team, the PUL playoffs will be determined by a ranking algorithm similar to what USAU uses, calculated by Cody Mills (frisbee-rankings.com) and facilitated by PUL Treasurer Angela Lin.* As the host team, the Atlanta Soul automatically qualify for one of those four bids regardless of their end-of-season standings. The #1 seed will play #4 and #2 will play #3 in semi-finals (Friday June 28th).

Medellin Revolution cleared the regular season with a 5-0 record and sit atop the standings as the #1 seed. They defeated the Atlanta Soul twice, Indianapolis Red, and narrowly beat Columbus Pride and Raleigh Radiance by two goals and three goals, respectively.

The New York Gridlock bounced back from a road loss to Raleigh to win back-to-back games against the Austin Torch (14-12 at home on June 1st) and Atlanta Soul this past weekend (21-19 on the road) and solidify their spot as either the #2 or #3 seed, depending on Raleigh’s last game.

With one game to play this coming weekend against the Austin Torch in Raleigh, the Radiance currently hold the #2 seed after two road wins this past weekend against Nashville NIghtshade and Columbus Pride, effectively ending the Pride’s chances of making the playoffs. They are also helped by their close game against the top-seeded Medellin Revolution from back in mid-May, losing 16-13 in a game that came down to the last quarter.

After losing on the road to New York Gridlock 14-12 on June 1, the Austin Torch still have plenty to play for and a chance to sneak in to the playoffs, but the mountain to climb is high. They would likely need to double Raleigh’s score and also get some help from a win by Indianapolis. If those results occur, the Torch could take the #3 seed and knock Radiance out! A narrower victory of 3 or 4 scores could move the Torch into the #4 spot in the final standings, though they would still be out of the Playoffs due to the Soul’s auto-bid.

For the Atlanta Soul, they’ll control the #4 seed with a Radiance victory against the Torch this weekend. Though the Indianapolis v Columbus game does affect the Torch’s fortune, both of these teams as well as the Nashville Nightshade have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Tune in this weekend to see if the Torch can make something crazy happen with a little help from their Red friends or if the Radiance can continue their dominant play to secure the #2 seed.

* For more details on PUL rankings, click here.

Results8 2.jpg


1 COL 1433.04 5-0

2 RAL 1320.19 3-1

3 NY 1152.07 4-1

4 ATL 1035.04 2-3

5 AUS 952.73 2-2

6 OH 948.35 1-3

7 IND 590.66 1-3

8 NASH 528.33 0-5

Tim Kepner