PUL 2020 Application for Interested Communities

With the inaugural 2019 PUL season now complete, the PUL Board (made up of representatives from the eight existing teams) is turning its attention towards a myriad of off-season projects to plan for future seasons. The Board has created several sub-committees to handle some of the big off-season agenda items and has one dedicated specifically to expansion - including everything from how fast and where to expand, what the best rate of growth would be for the league, what factors would go into deciding what cities would be best to add and so much more. Of course, all of this depends on what cities have folks interested in starting a team and joining the league!

The general plan is to make the 2020 PUL Application available to any persons interested in starting a team both as a way for the PUL Board to evaluate and work with each city to be in the strongest possible position and also to provide a useful tool for potential teams to help organize and figure out what kind of resources and support are needed to start a team. We've collected financial figures from all eight teams in 2019 and have included some budget guidelines in the application based on these figures.

Two of the core missions of the PUL are transparency and inclusion and with that in mind, please fee free to reach out to premierultimateleague@gmail.com with questions, input, advice, etc. whether you are interested in starting a team or just interested in the league in general!

Thank you for your interest in the PUL and womxn’s ultimate! We can’t wait for 2020.


Tim Kepner