Announcing the PUL Advisory Committee

The Premier Ultimate League is proud to announce the PUL Advisory Committee - a group of organizations from within the Ultimate community working collaboratively for the advancement of the mission and vision of the PUL.

The idea to create an official Advisory Committee was hatched in the summer of 2018 as the PUL organizers were thinking both broadly about “big picture” goals for the league and specifically about the league’s need for outside advice, guidance, experience and resources to help make the pilot season a success. With that in mind, the PUL Board - spearheaded by President Maddy Frey - created a wish list of organizations and individuals from the larger Ultimate community that would have particular experience and insight into everything from rules to promotions to event planning to safety to gender, racial and socio-economic equity issues who might be interested in helping the PUL succeed. 

The sport of Ultimate has seen explosive growth and change at all levels - including the creation of the new “semi-professional” level - over the past 8-10 years and, as with all major change, that growth has come with its share of conflict, disagreement and disparity of vision. With that in mind, the PUL Board also felt that this new womxn’s league could be a perfect vehicle to bring some of the big movers behind this growth together to collaborate around a common cause and thereby, open paths to collaboration on all things moving forward. 

The PUL extended an invitation to the organizations and individuals below in April of 2019 to participate in the PUL Advisory Committee with no expectations or strings attached. Rather, PUL sought out advice and guidance while providing a platform to talk and brainstorm together. Each organization accepted the invitation.

WFDF - Kate Bergeron (Executive Committee Treasurer)

USA Ultimate - Will Deaver (Managing Director - Competition and National Team Programs), Julia Lee (Director - Finance + Development)

AUDL / UXV (AUDL Parent Company) - Rob Lloyd (Majority Investor), Steve Hall (Commissioner)

EuroStars Tour - Bex Forth (Founder)

Upwind Ultimate, LLC - Laurel Oldershaw (Founder)

PUL Executive Committee  - Maddy Frey (President), Angela Lin (Treasurer), Nichole Kwee (Secretary), Colleen Wright (Vice President), Bonesaw Kepner (Commissioner)

The Advisory Committee met via two-hour conference calls twice during the PUL regular season and provided absolutely essential guidance and resources in the form of policy and document sharing (such as Inclement Weather Policies, Concussion and Medical Standards, sample contracts); game-play resources (such as rules, helping find Observers, game-day logistics, live streaming); media contacts; sharing of ideas and feedback and so much more.

The calls also provided the PUL with the opportunity to update these organizations with information about how the league was forming and operating in the spirit of promoting true collaboration and transparency. The Advisory Committee has already met once this off-season and has decided to continue collaborating - both within the context of the PUL and outside of it - moving forward.

On behalf of the entire Premier Ultimate League, we would like to whole-heartedly thank the members of the Advisory Committee for their help, trust and support in 2019 and beyond!

Tim Kepner